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GM Signup Customization

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GM Signup Customization

Require Following Customization On USER Signup And Account Activation in GM:

(A):Temp ID Database Generated By Admin from time to time and these temp id's are then sold thru distributors.
(B)New User Signup: The New USer signup should have a field for Temp ID which has to be necessarily filled for signing up. This has to be validated against the Temp ID values in the database. If No Temp ID or Incorrect TEMP ID is entered then the acount activation has to be Admin.
(C)Disable Temp ID Once the user has signed up using a particular Temp ID that ID should no more be usable and if anyone is trying to force the way thru there should be a Message that This ID has already been used for Signing up.

We are not VC funded company so please be considerate on your quote....Smile