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GM Feature Request...

Following Features are requested:

(1) On Sending Mail the message displayed should be HM style stating...

You Email has been sent to following:



and there should be a feature of adding these addresses in the address book right from here (with a chck for duplicacy of course).

(2) Having Date Of Activation displayed below the space stats.

(3) Provision for account expiry and account renewal module (on yearly basis with Admin Over ride on Duration of Account).

(4) The Welcome Message has Name instead of username displayed in Subject.

(5) Provision for Activating Multiple accounts in one go instead of one user at a time right now. In fact both the options should be there.

(6)When multiple messages are selected for delete, the rows should be highlighted so that one gets a better visibility of messages being deleted.

(7)When on Trash Folder, there should be a link to "Empty Trash" instead of selecting messages individually. I know there is this Trash Empty option, but this option can also be made available.



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