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Extensive LINKS SQL Customization Required

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Extensive LINKS SQL Customization Required
I have just purchased LINKS SQL and had it installed on a shared server plan with Gossamer Hosts. I have also just ordered the Pay Per Click Engine Plugin (http://www.gossamer-threads.com/scripts/plugins/ppc/index.htm). Now I need someone to make LINKS SQL do what I want it to do.

Just some of my requirements:

1. Create a new set of templates based on my simple design at http://www.affiliatekey.com

2. I want each category page to list the links (http://www.affiliatekey.com/demo/directory_category.shtml) - It's vital that that each link is weighted first by the Pay Per Click Engine plugin.

Each link then goes to a seperate page featuring content submitted by the site owner (http://www.affiliatekey.com/demo/directory_program.shtml).

There are a lot of variables here, but I can explain it clearly.

This page also features the Pay Per Click Engine Link that debits the site owners account for the click.

3. I don't need the voting feature.

4. Lots of requirements will become apparent as the project progresses.

About me: I'm based in the U.K. I can put together examples of page layouts I'd like. I'll want to be able to hold telephone conversations with you. I pay on time!! Oh and I'm impatient.

Please drop me an email fox@foxtucker.com (Subject: Links SQL) if you can demostrate you're up to the job. An indication of your rates would also be useful, though I appreciate the whole project is difficult to price without knowing all that's involved.

Thanks - Fox