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Evaluation (survey) script needed - decent budget.

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Evaluation (survey) script needed - decent budget.

I need a secure script, preferably PHP/MYSQL, which will afford authenticated users to fill in a form, evaluating a certain performance. The evaluated person should be able to see the evaluation results pertaining only to himself, but without having access to the evaluator's identification information.

Basically, there should be three types of users:
*The persons to be evaluated
*The persons that complete the evaluation (survey)

The results should not be accessible to anyone but the persons evaluated, which should only see their own results.

This project has a decent budget available for its completion.

Please contact me with estimates or questions at jasonizer@jasonizer.com. Many thanks!
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Re: [hallipa] Evaluation (survey) script needed - decent budget. In reply to
This project is now closed.
Thanks to everyone who showed intereset.