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Domain Search MOD required.

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Domain Search MOD required.

OK. I'm stuck again. I haven't found anything in the DBman forum that covers my needs so I thought I'd offer to pay for this job.
Let me know if you're interested. Thanks.

I require a few MODs in DBman for simplifying a search.
My DBman setup is similar to the default download except for the addition
of JPdenis Secure_Lookup Mod.

I want to offer a free service to my visitors where people can submit domain names they own into a DBman default.db

I would like to simplify the search form. Instead of offering visitors a tutorial on reg. expressions, they can just enter a few simple criteria.
These are the additions I would like for the search area.

1. [DROP MENU] Domain extension.
'.com' '.net' '.org' '.co.uk' '.cc' 'ANY'

2. [TEXT INPUT BOX] Length of domain characters.
Default input of ANY for this box searches all records.
If 3 was entered, results would be cat.com dog.org etc.

3. [Checkbox] Include Hyphens in search
When ticked, seach results would return domains containing one or more -
If ticked and 'Length of domain characters' is 3, and domain extension is
'.com' then results would be cat.com d-g.com dog.com 1-a.com etc.

4. [CHECKBOX] Single word domains only.
When ticked, results are returned based on the criteria above compared
to a single file containing all English words (I can supply this if needed).
Only word domains for sale are returned based on the above search criteria.

Because this last feature will be 'server greedy' when used frequently, one solution would be to have a script compare dictionary.db to default.db once, then, create a seperate comparison.db containing just word domains found in current default.db
On initial submission of search, DBman could check if default.db has been updated (local server time) since it was last used to create comparison.db.
- If yes, trigger comparison script, generate a new comparison.db then use comparison.db as the pseudo default.db for this search.
- If no, use current comparison.db as the pseudo default.db for this search.

That's it :)
If you don't understand something or want more info please let me know.



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Re: Domain Search MOD required. In reply to
Hi Dezire,

Can you send private to me. I can tackle this for you.