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DBman Request - Custom Replace for Field Contents

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DBman Request - Custom Replace for Field Contents
I am developing an online directory for an association of 270 not-for-profit, faith-based homeless shelters - http://www.agrm.org/missions/

The information for the directory comes from a plain text export out of our member management software, iMIS. Along with the normal contact information, there's a field that lists the types of services offered by each shelter, for instance "ED6" indicates that they have a progam for teaching "English as a Second Language". There's actually a list of about 50 different program codes (see - http://www.agrm.org/key.html )

The codes are all in a single field and look like this:


I would like to be able to replace the codes with the actual full text name of the programs and would also like to replace the "," with either "<BR>" or "<LI>".

After posting to the Forum, I understand that there is no way to do this with the standard DBman setup. So, we would like to contract with someone who could add this feature for us.

Michael Liimatta, Education Director
AGRM (http://www.agrm.org)
Kansas City MO USA
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Seems that an easy fix would be just to create another table with two fields one for the code and another for the definition of the code and adding a relationship between the tables.