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DB Man SQL Quote Required

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DB Man SQL Quote Required
We are looking for a competitive quote to configure our current DB Man SQL database.

It has already been installed, hosting is configured and its ready to go. The database needs to be designed to store online CV's and needs to fit into our current web design. We need a quote to:

1. Configure the database/tables to accept the CV's

2. Configure the database/tables to control users. There are three types of user - a)the user that will submit their CV and be able to view, edit and delete only their own CV. b) a registered user that can view all CV's (some hidden info not shown e.g name,date of birth etc) but has no ability to edit, delete. c) a registered user that can view ALL CV's and all info but has no ability to edit, delete.

3. The search results required: Search on CV's (after login) produces a list of CV's which the registered user can then click on to view more details (i.e the body of the CV). Your quote should allow for some custom mods that may be required (i.e. to produce search form that can search by multiple words, date formatting etc. )

4. All templates required to fit into overall look and feel of site (incl admin panels).

5. We will mock up all screens (i.e online forms, search result pages etc) in HTMl and we need the DB SQL design to fit within them.

Your speedy response will be appreciated


Campbell Harris