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DBManSQL Quickbooks Integration

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DBManSQL Quickbooks Integration
Hi there.

I've got a MySQL database that I'd like to integrate with my Quickbooks accounting file. I know that this is possible using qbxml, but that seems a bit over my head for the time being. I also know that there's a plugin for DBManSQL that allows you to export data in an XML format. I'm thinking therein may lie a solution, but again, getting there is a bit over my head...

Anyway, here's what I think I need for now:

1) I enter certain transactions in the MySQL database (probably through a specialized PHP interface that I'm building, but it can still be accessed by DBManSQL).

2) I then quickly, easily, and flawlessly export those transactions into Quickbooks.

I recognize that we need to hire a real pro for this, and I'm prepared to pay accordingly.

Interested parties should feel free to post a reply or send a PM.


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