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Custom mod for LSQL

I plan to migrate from Links 2.1 extended by http://www.mycgiscripts.com/ to Links SQL. I know Alex from MyCgiScripts its working in a custom version of him Links 2 extended to migrate to Links SQL, but I have not time...

I need the following features implemented for Links SQL:

- The directory is static. Only html pages for category, subcategory, links in category...

- InHits and OutHits: Users can put a link in their web site linking to my directory as follows: http://www.mywebsite.com/...n/index.cgi?ID=10955 and count each unique visitor as 1 InHit and put in database (this link redirect users to my home page). Then, I put http://www.mywebsite.com/...in/jump.cgi?ID=10955 in my links result page. Each hit that my directory sends to the user web site count as 1 OutHit.

- InHits and OutHits must shown in links result page and in user control panel

- Possibility to order links in categories and result page by InHits and/or OutHits

- Its mandatory to mantain the "original" inHits script working as: http://www.mywebsite.com/...n/index.cgi?ID=10955

- Obviously the In and OutHits update each time the directory will buildt due to static html page. Its important that only rebuild the pages that changed.

- Option to reset InHits and/or OutHits

- Integrate inside users area a resource page with the personal and unique code they must put in their pages to send us InHits.

- Possibility of assign "priority positions" to few links that will display in order in category and result pages.
- Simple banner rotator as Links 2.01 Extended have (put javascript in templates and assign categories, keywords or random banners in diferent formats and ways)

- Develop "Hits and time mode": Possibility to rebuild the directory based on the amount and hits that users send us. For example: Only build the directory with users that send us more than 3 hits in one week. (Admin could configure hits, time and categories/all where to asign this rule)

- Create TOP links page as: Page with links order by InHits as a traditional TOP. Admin could configure the number of users that appears in this page. Possibility to put "short tags" in HTML Templates to display Top10, Top20... in any page of the directory.

- Fetch DMOZ links and categories in this way: Put a category and fetch all subcategories and links or this category. Asign automated contact email to each page fetched. (this is optional)

I show must of this functions in resources area and in the forum, but I have not time to implement it. I need a good job so please, only send serious offers with estimated time and price. You can contact by private message or by ICQ.

Thank you very much for your time and sorry for my english... :-(


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avant: Nov 16, 2002, 9:56 AM
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Re: [avant] Custom mod for LSQL In reply to
I also want that!!!!! Any 1 knows where to get it? plz email me: tiedelik@hotmail.com
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Re: [znoskie] Custom mod for LSQL In reply to
I'm working on TopLinks plugin. It will be a commercial plugin.
It's almost finished, will be released soon.

Message me if you would be interested to test it before the final release as beta tester.
Beta testers will get 10% discount from the TopLinks plugin price.
Only 3 beta testers are accepted.

Please contact me for details.

Best regards,

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