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Custom Plug in for Glinks

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Custom Plug in for Glinks
We are trying to create a category within links that will have a listing of detailed businesses. We are looking for someone to design a custom plug in for Glinks that will do the following:
  1. Build a Category tree that is independent from Glinks categories but acts the same way, this tree will have a list of the countries subcategories will be the cities then the subcategories will be (school, businesses, and such), only the admin can add categories or modify them, these categories will have similar columns to the Glinks category table.
  2. Users can add Listings to the selected category (they have to browse to it first) then they can choose to add their listing. (they have to be at the second category level at least to add a listing).
  3. Each listing will include in addition to the standard Links table columns (LinkOwner, rate, vote, review...) the following:
  • Address
  • City (pre chosen if in that city category)
  • State (pre chosen if in that state category)
  • Country (pre chosen if in that country category)
  • Email
  • Website
  • Directions (text area)
  • Services (text area)
  • General information. (text area)
  • Phone
  • Fax
  • Business photo. (ability to upload or specify a URL)
  • Admin can add more fields later.
  1. The listing will be owned by that user that adds it BUT other users can Update the listing, all must be checked and verified by admin first.
  2. This database will be searchable as whole or by category or by country name, city name or ZIP CODE. The searching option is 100% independent from glinks regular database.
  3. Zip code search if very important for us and we know it is doable but can it be done so the search script will pull surrounding zip codes as well or possible the listings with the same city as the searched for zip code?
  4. We want to be able to control how each listing will show in the search results page and in the category page.
  5. The whole database will be buildable as with links (categories and detailed pages of all links), the admin should be able to turn build detailed off if needed, and the build process should be doable as a whole or Staggered, and it will be nice if we can make it part of the regular building process.
  6. The plug in should install from the plug in area.
  7. The plug in should be easy to upgrade in the future to work with new Glink version.
  8. the plug in will be the property of our organization once paid for.

We have If anyone is capable of this kind of work please contact us with the price you are asking for for the full finished product, we have a good budget for this.
Thank you

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