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Comments 4.1 Advanced
I will release this mod for links 2 in the summer once I finish uni. It'll be paid installation only. I'm basically just posting this message because I'm interested in your suggestions on what other sort of features you'd would find useful. Also hopefully from this post I'll be able to gauge what interest there is in such a mod...

Anyway here's some of the features included so far:

Current features:

When a link is deleted all comments for that link are also deleted.
New comments now need to be validated via admin before being added. In the same way that new links are.
Added lowest rating, highest rating, date of newest comment for the link, date of first comment, number of comments and number of ratings.
User can sort comments by rating or date ascending or descending order.
Simplified structure (easier for users to post comments).
Improved ratings breakdown chart.
Users can view all comments added in the last 24 hrs, week or month.
Users can search thru comments using a keyword search.
If the link has been commented on in the last week a new image is displayed next the the comment total on the link.
Improved sorting routine.
Included more advanced search options
Completely template based. So the look can be altered.

Things that can be changed online in admin via the comments setup cgi file:

In comments.cfg can choose if you'd like to get emails if user adds or modifies a comment
Can also choose if the user should get an email...
A cookie can be enabled to stop people posting more than one comment on the same site.
Ip's numbers can be banned from posting. To stop repeat offenders from posting
The days old a comment can be new for can be altered.
A bad word filter can be enabled or disabled.
Html code in comments can be enabled or disabled.
A minimum length for comments can be set to stop short useless comments being submitted! In the comments cfg file.
Default number of comments per page
When users post a comment they go to a confirmation window before the comment is added.
Rating a link can be required or optional.
Can add, view, modify, delete, validate and view new comments in admin just as you do with the links.

If anyone has anything they'd want included please post it here or contact me. This way it gives me something to think about whilst I'm working in my finals!

Good Luck!

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Re: Comments 4.1 Advanced In reply to
Hello Glenn

Could U add more sort options?
(like in your dyncategory mod?)

Very nice mod Laugh


PS: how much does it cost?

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Re: Comments 4.1 Advanced In reply to
More sort options could be added if required, but I don't think there's any other sorting options needed.

Also put together a little db manager for comments but, can be also used to manage links.db and categry.db

Extra things that can be altered online via admin:

Back up database
Add a field
Delete a field
Change field order
Reset any fields to 0
Alter comments.cfg

Back up database
Add a field
Delete a field
Change field order
Reset any fields to 0

Back up database
Add a field
Delete a field
Change field order

In terms of cost prob around $50-$60 for straight install.


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