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Article Engine Customisation

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Article Engine Customisation
I'm looking for a programmer that wil be able to customise Links 2 to the following features for an article engine :

* Each Submission creates:
HTML Page For Offsite Linking & Viewing.
Text Page For Copy/Paste Functions.
Text File, with Author & Title and Links to HTML/Text Pages (for pasting into newsletters).
Javascript version of the article (for content syndication)

* List articles by Category (using Links 2) and by author's name

* Ability to Attach author's photo

* Tell-A-Friend about each article and Printer-Friendly Format

* Auto Link Builder
Automatically builds html links and mailto links from the URLs in the articles

A page that displays latest n articles submitted and description of each article (n = number of articles displayed on the page)

* On each category, people can submit their name email address to subscribe for the latest article on that specific category (personalised newsletter)

On the admin panel, I will be able to add, edit , approve and delete articles.

I'm only interested in engine that uses SSI since my server does not support mysql and php. FYI, currently I have about 5000+ articles to be put up in this engine.

The main thing is that:
I would like to have a script that integrates the features of Links 2 and the script used at http://www.marketing-seek.com/articles/.

If you can do it, send me an email for more info.


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