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Amazon integration mod required

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Amazon integration mod required

I'm looking for someone to integrate Amazon webservices into LinksSQL for me.

The basics of what I need done are as follows:-

While creating a link, I want to just add an ASIN and "something" will pick up the title / costs / ratings / reviews and automagically fill up the relevant section for me. The resulting page will be one with all the product details and the reviews that are available through webservices. Visitors will have the option of adding their own reviews and ratings.

Ideally, this should have some integration with gocart, where I can specify if I carry the item in my inventory or not. If I carry the item, the user can purchase from me OR from Amazon. If I don't .. then they're redirected to Amazon.

I can spec this further, if someone is willing to take this task on.
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Here are some more details on what I need done. A fair amount of this is template work, but there is code to be written on the webservices end.

I want to get someone to develop an enhancement for me, which goes beyond gocart.

My online shop will sell books / dvds for kids < 10 years old. We're not going to carry a very large range and will only service the a specific region in Asia.

What I'd like to be able to do is when I add a product to gocart, I'd like to supply an Amazon ASIN and then configure if I also have the product in stock. When I build the pages, the build routines pick up the Amazon pricing and reviews via webservices and insert them appropriately into the appropriate tables.

When a user hits the site. They can see all the products we've added. If we carry the product, they have the option of purchasing from us. If we don't carry the product or they're from the US or if they don't want to buy from us they're given the option of buying from Amazon. So, every product will have an Amazon affiliate button. Products we carry will have a "Buy from us" button.

I would have exclusive rights to this code that you develop.

Could you drop me a price quote for this on shri@geoexpat.com and also info on any projects you've worked on / modifications you've made?