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Adult search results mod?!

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Adult search results mod?!

Please refer to:

Any chance of a freebie plugin? Or if not then how much?


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Re: Adult search results mod?! In reply to
This is a modification of the "bad words" mod.

This could be useful for a lot of people. It would be a couple of hours work, probably, to make sure it did what it needed to, and to have a user interface for adding words, and squeezing it all into a plugin format.

Honestly, I don't have the time to do this as a free mod simple or not. If you really need this, or there are a group of people who want to share the costs, I'd do it as a paid mod. Most of the time is in packaging it, and creating the user interface.

Of course, you could probably just edit search.cgi, check and/or modify the $IN->param('query') against a hard-coded list in the search.cgi itself. I don't know how much has changed in the 2.05 version, but search.cgi still made the initial determinations of validity in earlier versions.

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