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*** Slideshow Plugin Modification Job Request

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*** Slideshow Plugin Modification Job Request
If anyone wants to do this, please email me at scorpioncapital@shaw.ca

Requires fast turnaround thanks.


Integrate Video uploading and thumbing to the Slideshow plugin.


1. Modify image1 field to autodetect .avi or .jpg extension on upload.

2. If .avi, call linux transcode to grab the (n)th frame (hardcoded)

transcode is a simple unix utility that grabs avi frames.
there is a perl api for transcode at http://www.lpm.univ-montp2.fr:7082/~domi/vob2divx/
BUT it does not contain the call to grab an image - easy to write.

May need to convert image from .ppm to .jpg. Should be easy to do.

There is also a whole bunch of other utilities you can use, whoever does this should just select some good solution for grabbing a frame froma Divx compressed AVI under Linux/Unix.


3. Populate the thumb fields of the plugin with the same size variations of the source image grabbed in step #2 above (i.e. this part just use the build-in thumbing functions).