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UBB to Gossamer Forum Import Done

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UBB to Gossamer Forum Import Done

We've finished our UBB to Gossamer Forum import, and would like to test it out on a site or two before releasing it.

If you have a UBB6 installation, and have Gossamer Forum setup, please send me an email with:

- Telnet/SSH info
- Directory where UBB is installed
- Directory where GForum is installed

and we'll do the import for you! This will not affect your UBB installation in any way. It will simply copy your UBB data into Gossamer Forum.

If you are interested, just send me an email (alex@gossamer-threads.com). Once we've tried it on a few sites, we'll put it up for people to download.

If you have a UBB5 install, we'd also be interested in hearing from you. We can tweak the import to handle your site as well.


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