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Shopping Cart Stable Now Available!

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Shopping Cart Stable Now Available!

We're proud to release the final stable version of the Shopping Cart plugin for Links SQL that we've dubbed GOCart for Gossamer Online Cart.

The GOCart plugin adds a shopping cart system to your Links SQL database, potentially making every link a sale item and every user a customer. GOCart handles taxes, discounts, payments, invoicing and everything else you need to turn your directory into an easy to use and easy to manage storefront.

GOCart's features include:

  • Link options allow you to individually mark your links as regular/non-merchandise links, purchasable products, or services for which no shipping charges will be applied.

  • Multiple varieties/prices of a product can be offered from within a single link; define different sizes, colours, or any other characteristic.

  • Surcharge options let you automatically configure taxes and other levies based on customer location (specific products can be exempt from desired surcharges or have them always applied).

  • Item discounts can be created simply by adding negative surcharges, allowing you to create sales on all or selected items.

  • Custom coupons (calculated in either flat discounts or percentages) can provide discounts to specific customers up until a defined expiry date.

  • Payments can be handled smoothly and securely by PayPal (with optional IPN support) or manually. Future payment options will include Moneris and Authorise.net support.

  • Shipping charges are automatically calculated and added with a rule system that lets you configure charges based on location, weight and cost.

  • Smart calculation ensures that shipping charges are applied only to gross cost, and that discounts and coupons are calculated before taxes or other surcharges.

  • Secure management functions under HTTPS and supports HTTPS bit level detection.

  • Credit card encryption protects all card numbers with a pad-password unique to each session.

  • Invoice management allows invoices to be viewed and managed by statuses ranging from "pending" to "completed". All aspects of individual invoices (item quantity, cost, surcharges) can be modified from within plugin administration, even after orders have been processed. Invoices also contain private information fields, allowing order-specific communication between customers and the admin.

  • User invoice review allows users to track an order's progress or to review old purchases.

  • Private fields allows the admin to save information on invoices accessible only to them.

  • Integrated database allows products to be returned by searches along with regular links from your existing links directory.

  • Currency options let you display prices in any country_s currency.

  • Reports automatically display top customers and items.

  • And last but not least, a feature that many users have been asking for, a Template Identifier that when turned on displays the name of the template being used on a particular page.

To access the demo or to learn more, please visit GOCart's information page.

We've released the plugin for sale now on the order form: https://www.gossamer-threads.com/scripts/register/order.htm Should you purchase the plugin at this stage, you will be able to download updates as they become available. If you have any questions, please address them to jack@gossamer-threads.com or aki@gossamer-threads.com.

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