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Product Updates:

Just a quick note to let you know where we are at with new products coming out:

Links SQL 2: We should have a minor update out early next week, aiming for Tuesday. This will mainly address importing/exporting issues, category editors, and a number of GT library problems. We will also include a new default template set. You'll also find in all the new products a much improved, much more powerful version of FileMan.

Gossamer Mail 2: Almost all the bugs are worked out and we will be going live towards the end of next week (thursday or friday). The last beta will be out this weekend.

DBMan SQL 2: Haven't heard much from people here, we will be working on getting the online demo live, and putting beta 2 out. Expect to see this middle of next week.

Monday is a stat holiday here in Vancouver, BC, Canada so you may not get an answer if you try to call then.



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