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New Site, New Forum, New Products!

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New Site, New Forum, New Products!
First of all, let me apologize for the downtime! It was a shame to remove the forum for so long, however it was a neccessary evil. We have since moved to a much more robust, SQL based forum that will let us grow quite a bit more (the search feature was hanging on by a thread before). ;)

We have retained all the old posts, plus preserved any bookmarks you had to the old links.

With the new forum, comes the new website, a long overdue overhaul. I'd love to hear any feedback on what you think!

And just to make it a really busy week, we have released two new products, Gossamer Mail and MysqlMan. You can read more about these in their respective forums.

This forum here is going to be a read only forum where we post important announcements relating to all products, or to Gossamer Threads Inc. If you have any questions or comments about it, please feel free to post them in the Discussion area.



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