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Links SQL Updates and other News.

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Links SQL Updates and other News.

First, the bad news -- we won't be able to release a new version of Links SQL before I head out. I was hoping to have a beta available, but that's not going to happen. There are too many changes and the code still isn't in a useable state. For you developers who have been holding off on making changes, please don't feel like you have to. The new plug in system will allow us to easily update any mods you make and make them available to others on the new version.

Our new target date is first week of July. The good news is this will be a major new release. We have someone working on a full user manual, plus a complete web based admin. We also want to bring Links SQL in line with Gossamer Mail and Gossamer Search (I'll talk about that shortly) so that they can all work seamlessly, or as parts.

For those of you who don't know, Gossamer Search is our new SQL spider. It was released as a beta to a few people a while back, but still had several flaws in the design. We have taken what we learned and completely redesigned it from the ground up. We plan on releasing it around the same time as Links SQL.

Also in the works is an update to Gossamer Mail. We have a list of about 40 enhancements we want to do to the program (and yes, upgrades will be free). We are looking at middle to end of July for this.

I'll be available only via limited email for the next two weeks, so if you have any support issues please visit:


for the quickest response. We are up to 9 people now, so hopefully you should get a quick, helpful response.

My apologies about the delay, but I hope in the end it will be worthwhile.



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