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Links SQL Roadmap!

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Links SQL Roadmap!

We are just doing final debugging and testing on the next update to Links SQL. The next release due out tommorrow will be version 2.0.5 and will include:

- Built in File Upload Support (easily attach files to links or categories).
- Full Loop support, gives you better flexibility in the display.
- Cleaner templates with comments saying what tags are available on the page.
- Better documentation.

Our plan for Links SQL after that is a minor update which will be 2.0.6, that completely removes all remaining language from the code (there are a few sections in the admin that have language embeded), and adds new template parser that is 2 to 3 times faster (it's done now, but just not extensively tested). I hope to get that done pretty soon.

We will then begin on a major upgrade to Links SQL, and build in a lot of features people have been requesting (with the main one being a complete review system).

But first things first. We should have 2.0.5 out tomorrow!



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