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Links SQL 2.2.1 released

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Links SQL 2.2.1 released
We're pleased to announce the release of Links SQL 2.2.1.

This release is primarily a bug-fix release, with really only one significant new feature: Manual payment support. Manual payments allow you to use Links SQL's built-in payment support to handle link payments without a payment method supported directly by Links SQL.

New features:
  • Manual payment support
  • The ban list has been changed to a textarea that accepts one entry per line
  • The add_system_fields configuration option has also been changed to a textarea and accepts 'field => value' pairs, one per line
  • The 'SQL Monitor' now understands 'SHOW INDEX FROM table_name' and 'SHOW TABLES' for all supported databases
  • Invalid payment postbacks that contain at least enough information to get the associated payment record are now recorded in the payment "Info" log section to assist in tracking down payment problems.
  • Configurable cookie prefix and cookie domain settings have been added (in Setup -> User Options), solving problems with multiple Links SQL installations or Links SQL installations served by different hostnames (for example, accessible via both gossamer-threads.com and www.gossamer-threads.com).
Bug fixes:
  • General maintenance release, containing various bug fixes for issues reported since the 2.2.0 release.
  • Many SQL library fixes are present, particularly for non-MySQL databases. Some of the changes result in performance improvements on those databases.
  • The built-in template editor had a bug in the "Save As" feature that could cause the wrong data to be written to existing templates when used multiple times.
  • Resyncing table def files and overwriting existing tables was broken in such a way that foreign key relations between tables could be lost. The problem is fixed, and the 2.2.0 -> 2.2.1 upgrade code will look for and fix any broken table definitions.
  • Template sets may now contain -'s
  • Clicking "Help" on the admin payment page now takes you to the help page specific to payment configuration.
  • Link verifier problems have been resolved.

This is a free download for all Links SQL owners. If you prefer, we can perform the upgrade for you for a charge of $75 - please contact us at sales@gossamer-threads.com to schedule an upgrade.

Links SQL 2.2.1 is available now from the download area.

Jason Rhinelander
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