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Links SQL 2.1.0 Update

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Links SQL 2.1.0 Update

We've put up beta3 for Links SQL 2.1.0, as well as the 2.1.0 manual in pdf format. This is almost finished, all we have left to do:

- Update the other template set to include reviews (right now only 'default' template set is updated).
- Update the plugins - This version will break any plugins that add their own .cgi file. We have gone through all the plugins and tested them locally, and will be updating them shortly.
- Fix a bug with file uploads and modify link.

The plugin change was neccesary to make Links SQL work with Gossamer Community. We are getting very close to releasing Gossamer Community, and expect it to be out very soon after Links SQL 2.1.0 final. If you are using a previous beta, I suggest upgrading only if you aren't using our banner or ppc plugin. We will update those next week.

Our current timeline is Links SQL released by the 25th, and the community a week later.


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