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Links SQL 2.0 Beta Available!

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Links SQL 2.0 Beta Available!
After months of hard work, we now have a beta available of the next version of Links SQL. This represents a quantum leap in programming for Gossamer Threads and I think the end result shows it.

So what's new? For those who haven't been to the forum lately, here's the executive summary:

- A brand new plugin system has been added to make both creating and distributing plugins easy.
- A powerful category management system
- Abiltity to re build only sections of your database that have changed
- Ability to run perl code easily in your templates
- User language has been removed from the code, and can vary per template set
- WYSIWYG template editor
- Advanced email system, designed for large mailings
- All web based setup and configuration
- Context sensitive help
- Complete overhaul of the editor system
- Search engine overhaul
- and much, much more!

We've prepared a detailed walk through that will show you all the new features in the admin and walk you through our live demo. You can view this at:


Although this is a beta, it has been pretty thouroughly tested. We still plan on polishing the product up a bit more, and flushing out some of the features. All of it works, and inside you'll find an import utility to import your database.

Please let me know what you think,



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