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Links SQL 2.0.5 Available!

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Links SQL 2.0.5 Available!

I'm happy to announce that Links SQL 2.0.5 is now on the download site. Major changes include:

- Built in File Upload support. You can now add a column to links, and set the type to File, and easily handle any sort of file. Users can add their own files, and update them too!

- Simplified templates. There were some template changes in 2.0.5, mainly:
* Added comments outlining what special tags are available in each page.
* Renamed all includes to include_ to clean things up.
* Removed four templates: add_error.html, modify_error.html, rate_error.html, and search_error.html. These templates are no longer used, and if there is an error, the main page is displayed. So for your add.html template, you need to add:

<%if error%>
Oops, there was an error: <%error%>

and the same goes for modify.html, rate.html and search.html.

- Finally squashed that Macintosh Javascript bug in the browser (well, actually it's a bug in the browser, had to just do something a different way).

- You can now run multiple copies of Links SQL on the same mod_perl server without any problems.

- GT libraries are updated, so if you want to run Gossamer Mail, and Links SQL in the same mod_perl server, you'll need to use 2.0.5.

- Fixed a lot of Oracle issues.

And many more minor bugs that have crept up.

Let me know what you think, and if you have any problems!



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