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Links SQL 2.0.1 Available.

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Links SQL 2.0.1 Available.

We've released Links SQL 2.0.1 which includes the following bug fixes:

Version 2.0.1 has been released which mainly fixes bugs people where having in the installation.

* fixed bug in search toolbar not getting generated properly.
* fixed bug in load_tables breaking the subclass of Links,Users,Category.
* updated links sql 1 => links sql 2 import to work with ODBC
* default sort orders now handle isNew properly.
* install.cgi warns when no DBI is installed.
* Newsletter no longer includes unvalidated links.
* build changed now checks for exact time.
* fixed bug in Links::Utils::load_user
* fixed bug where validate would not display the proper categories on second page.
* Fixed a bug so that RDF imports now works with --rdf-update for prefixed tables.
* Added new template parsing module that supports if/else/elsif/loops.
* fixed bug in list all functions not returning results.
* fixed bug in modify returning not_null.
* tar module doesn't use temp files so heavily.
* better error checking on plugin files.

To upgrade, simply download the tar file, and run install.cgi. When asked about upgrading, you only need to update the cgi and pm files, not your config or templates.



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