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Links SQL 1.13 Update!

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Links SQL 1.13 Update!

I've put an updated version of Links SQL that addresses a number of bugs that have been identified over the past couple months. It addresses:

o and/or now works properly in indexed search (default is OR).
o bug in log_query for too long search terms.
o username not getting validated in signup.
o appeared to be logged on after bad signup.
o mislabled detailed_url tag in site_html_link.
o no more fatal error on 0 byte template.
o resync def file no longer loses weights.
o negative status passes default reg ex.

There is also one new feature:

o search only in this category feature.

You can get this new feature by just replacing your search.cgi, Search.pm and DBSQL.pm file.

If you have any questions about the update, please don't hesitate to ask.

Registered users can download it in the download area. If you've lost your password, please email support by visiting:


As for the next version, it's coming along nicely. Help pages and documentation are being created now, and the user system is just getting finished. Should have a full beta shortly.



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