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Gossamer Update!

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Gossamer Update!

Well after a little chaos in the forums, hopefully things are back to normal. =)

Here's an update for everyone on what's going on at Gossamer Threads.

We are hard at work on a new set of modules that will become the core of most of our products. Unfortunately this is taking a bit longer then I hoped, but it will definately be worth it.

Here's our latest product release schedule:

DBMan and DBMan SQL - A bug fix version will be out before Friday that will just address a number of bugs and security concerns. I'll post more on this early this week.

Links SQL - The update is on hold while we implement our new SQL module that will be the base of all our SQL products. This module will allow us to easily develop programs that will work on multiple platforms, but still be tuned for that platform. Our current release date for Links SQL is July 14th (I can hear the groans). I really hate pushing it back like this, however it will be worth it, trust me! It is a free upgrade for all users, and we will include an easy conversion script to move from previous versions to the new one.

Gossamer Mail - We have about 15 - 20 new features we are adding onto this. It will also use our new SQL engine and should work for more then one type of database (currently only supports Mysql). Our estimated release date for the new version is early August. It will be a free upgrade as well.

Mysqlman - We have a new upgrade due out by Friday. This will include a database dumper that emulates the mysqldump utility. It will also include an expanded importer to make importing data easier.

We are also still hard at work on a new spider. This is looking to be finished early to mid August, I'll post more details in a week or two.

Please note, with all these products, I'm just no longer able to answer all support questions. Please, if you have an issue, go to:


to get it resolved quickly. We now have 10 people here so you should be able to get a much better response. If you can't get your problem resolved, or have something critical, don't hesitate to email me at alex@gossamer-threads.com.



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