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Gossamer Mail 3.0.1 Released

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Gossamer Mail 3.0.1 Released

We're pleased to announce the release of Gossamer Mail 3.0.1.

New Features:
  • Added the change_prefs.pl script to allow administrators to globally update values of users' .prefs file.
  • Added support for sending mass e-mails that contain template tags.
  • Added an option for users to make their account an exclusive mailbox (ie. only accepts mail from people that are in their address book).
  • CSS editor no longer allows changes to luna_core.css and luna_print_core.css files.
  • Messages that are detected as being spam do not receive auto-replies.
  • Changed reply all behaviour to keep addresses in the same fields in the reply as the original message: addresses in the "To" field of the original message will be added to the "To" field of the reply rather than being moved to the "Cc" field.
  • Existing address book groups/addresses are no longer displayed when adding or editing addresses/groups because users in lower resolutions can't see the form initially as it's off the screen.
  • Users can now specify the time and date formats on the message list.
  • Changed the CSS editor to make backups of the files before saving them.
  • Large message purge now doesn't automatically disable Gossamer Mail. However, it's still recommended that you disable the site while purging due to the table locking that occurs during a large purge.
  • Added an index to message threading table that should speed up message deletion by roughly 500%.
  • Improved the usability of the folder management page - the values entered are preserved when an error occurs while adding a folder.
  • Added the PAYMENT_CURRENCY_FORMAT language to the user side allowing you to change the currency format of payment amounts (the admin side was already using it).
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed bug that caused the X-GMail-Account header to be incorrectly added if a name was entered for the selected profile.
  • Removed the requirement that the Image URL be specified in Paths & URLs settings.
  • Fixed bug in fatal error handler that caused broken fatal error output.
  • Fixed bug which caused attachments to not attach on the auto reply option page.
  • Fixed HTML editor in the mass mailer.
  • Fixed a bug where updating the folder name to be a duplicate name resulted in a fatal error.
  • Fixed auto replies so that they are only sent out only once a day per sender instead of once per hour.
  • Fixed various IE/Mac javascript compatibility issues.
  • Fixed a user deletion issue with some versions of MySQL that could cause users with large quotas to not be deleted properly.
  • Truncate the user's password to the column length when authenticating the user.
  • Message purging was incorrectly updating the folder counts.
  • Message purging was not updating the users' space used.
  • User purging wasn't cleaning up the purged user's directory.
  • When updating a message list, check that the current page is a valid one; if a user is viewing the last page of a message list and deletes all displayed messages, they are sent to the previous page rather than remaining on an empty page.
  • Fixed bug in which if spam detection was disabled and the user had no custom folders, the folder list would not display correctly.
  • Fixed two problems with the update system: the history was not working properly in some cases, and the available/installed updates under mod_perl could show incorrect update details.
  • The CSV import had a minor problem that could cause a failure to import some exported CSV files that contain the e-mail address as the first column, or files containing just a list (one per line) of e-mail addresses.
  • Fixed two problems in Gossamer Mail's message attachments. The first caused an error message when attempting to upload an attachment with a filename containing a space. The second caused an error message to show up when sending multiple attachments at once, even though the attachments are uploaded successfully.
  • Corrected issues with the Bayesian file and auto-whitelist storage systems that may create Bayesian filters with incorrect modes.

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