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Gossamer Mail 2 Beta 3 Available!

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Gossamer Mail 2 Beta 3 Available!

We've put Gossamer Mail 2 Beta 3 up on the web. This one will most likely be the last beta before we release the final version. What's currently missing is only the admin help guide and a second set of templates.

The current version has added a few new features despite our best efforts not to change things too much. New to this release is:

- Threaded Messages. You can view your messages in Threaded mode where you can see all replies in a nice thread. This is very useful for mailing lists and for tracking conversations.
- Edit Folders menu. Here you can set the number of messages to display per page, the sorting option, which columns to display, and whether to display in threaded mode or not.
- View as HTML. For messages that have both an HTML part and a Text part you can set which one you'd like to view by default.
- Tighter integration of Address Book. This allows you to add users when viewing messages.
- Templates simplified. We removed themes and reorganized things so that it's easier to update.
- WAP Templates are now available as a plugin. Go to Plugins->Download->Show Plugins on Gossamer and you should be able to download and try it out.

Plus there have been numerous bug fixes. Everything mentioned in the forum should be fixed.

We expect the final to be out very shortly.



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