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Gossamer Mail 2.2.4 released

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Gossamer Mail 2.2.4 released
We're please to announce the release of Gossamer Mail 2.2.4. This release addresses a few bugs encountered since the 2.2.3 and adds a few, small features.

Admin side additions/improvements:
  • Incoming mail setup can now be modified
  • Added Recipient Headers option - changes to your incoming.pl (add/remove headers) can now be done using this
  • Added Manual payment support
  • Better recognition of emails that shouldn't be bounced or autoreplied to
  • Added SMTP Authentication support for outgoing mail server setup
  • Optimized memory usage when parsing large emails
  • Added cookie domain, path and prefix options
  • Users will be notified via email of a successful payment if the payment took longer than x hours to process.
  • Added ability to delete payment logs

Admin side bug fixes:
  • Lifetime payments should work now
  • WorldPay payments should correctly update the user's expiry date
  • WorldPay recurring payments fixed
  • Resyncing table def files and overwriting existing tables was broken, potentially losing foreign key relations between tables. The 2.2.3 -> 2.2.4 upgrade code will now fix any broken table definitions.

User side additions/improvements:
  • Moved static javascript into images/templates/common to take advantage of caching
  • Email Forwarding is now done after filtering (so deleted emails aren't forwarded)
  • Forward message as attachment doesn't set a filename for the email, so it should get by mail server attachment filters
  • Users' payment level and term is now displayed on the options page
  • Lifetime free accounts are now treated as normal accounts (instead of time limited free trials), allowing users to downgrade to a free account when their paid accounts expire.
  • Lifetime account users can now upgrade their accounts to other payment levels

User side bug fixes:
  • References header is now correct
  • Template fix with dtree when folder name contains '
  • Mozilla users will get the correct filename when they choose "Save Link As..." on attachments

Gossamer Mail 2.2.4 is a free download for all Gossamer Mail owners. If you prefer, we can perform the upgrade for you for a charge of $75 - please contact us at sales@gossamer-threads.com to schedule an upgrade.

2.2.4 is available now from the download section.

Jason Rhinelander
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