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Gossamer Mail 2.2.3 released

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Gossamer Mail 2.2.3 released
We're please to announce the release of Gossamer Mail 2.2.3. This is primarily a maintenance release which fixes a few bugs and adds a few small features, including mod_perl 2 support.

Admin side additions/improvements:
  • The admin can now edit the global address book.
  • Accounts whose payments have expired can be purged.
  • Purge selected messages in all user accounts quickly by selecting target folder and age.
  • Account expiry warning and expiry notification emails can now be sent automatically.
  • Added a X-Reason header to emails inserted into admin account explaining why the email was inserted.
Admin side bug fixes:
  • Removed check in consistency.pl which was causing global addresses to be deleted.
  • mod_perl2 compatibility fixes.
  • The headers of bounced emails are generated properly when the attach original option is turned on.
User side bug fixes:
  • Added fix against newest XSS vulnerability
  • Modified meta refresh html to work correctly with IE (fix redirect after join success page)
  • Threaded view bodies and attachment lists now display properly
  • While composing mail, entering nickname now generates full name and email address instead of only the email address
  • Save attachment handling has been improved
  • Viewing next/prev message while sorting by address fixed
2.2.3 is available now from the download section.

Jason Rhinelander
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