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Gossamer Mail 2.2.1 released!

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Gossamer Mail 2.2.1 released!
We're pleased to announce the release of Gossamer Mail 2.2.1. 2.2.1 is mainly a bug fix release with a few new features added. You can download the new version from the product download page.

- February 10, 2004

Admin side additions/improvements:
  • Added an option to fix dates in incoming emails that are in the future
  • Log the user's signup IP address
Admin side bug fixes:
  • Template tags in HTML emails (welcome/notify/etc) should be parsed
  • The HTML editor has been removed from the "Bounce" email template in the "Email Templates" menu
  • Changed forms to be POST instead of GET to fix the problems of forms not being submitted due to the request URI being too long
  • Improved incoming.pl to not bounce emails to known addresses which shouldn't be bounced to
  • Dates in welcome/bounce/etc emails should be correct
  • Can't log into user's accounts which hasn't been logged in before
  • Don't insert mass mail for users who hasn't logged in before
User side additions/improvements:
  • Allow user to not display external images in HTML emails
  • Display background images in HTML emails
  • Upgraded to new HTML editor
    • Now supports Mozilla-based browsers (version 1.4 or higher)
    • Fix the Microsoft Office installer popup problem
    • Note: The Advanced HTML editor changes made in Gossamer Mail 2.2.1 are incompatible with previous versions. If you have made changes to the compose_html.htm or options_areply_html.htm templates, then you will have to upgrade them manually (see the template diffs).
  • Added a modified version of Destroydrop dtree to allow collapsable nested folders
  • Use different icons for system folders
  • Added Forward as Attachment option. If this option is turned off, then a "Fwd as Attach" button will be displayed
  • overlib now enabled by default for message preview
  • Added javascript to alert the user when sending an email without uploading the attachment
  • Keep track of auto-replies made so it only sends auto-replies back if one hasn't been sent in the past hour
  • Add mark all messages in folder as read/unread
User side bug fixes:
  • Improved anti-cross site scripting code
  • Fix <base href="..."> in HTML emails
  • Fix Auto-Reply HTML to text conversion
  • Many do= call's have been made POST method only to prevent malicious links
    • This should only take effect on new installations. There are some template changes that need to be done for this to work on upgrades.
  • Fixed HTML getting into message preview
  • Fixed HTML escaping of tags when replying to HTML emails in HTML editor
  • Fixed some overlib escaping issues
  • Folder counts weren't being updated after check remote pop3
  • Made left column width a global for easy modification
  • HTML emails (w/o attachments) don't show up as emails with attachments in message list
  • Message-Id header always added to outgoing mail - this should fix the disconnected thread bug
  • The order of the parts of a email are kept
  • Fix the structure of Gossamer Mail generated emails
  • Send the right content type for .css files so that Mozilla doesn't complain
  • Certain emails downloaded from remote pop3 had trailing \r left in them
  • Resume draft in same mode it was started in
  • Various template fixes