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Gossamer Mail 2.2.0 Release Candidate 1

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Gossamer Mail 2.2.0 Release Candidate 1
We're pleased to announce the release of Gossamer Mail 2.2.0, Release Candidate 1. We encourage current Gossamer Mail users to download the new version from the product download page. However, keep in mind that this is a Release Candidate, and not the final 2.2.0 release; although we believe this release to be complete and stable, we do not recommend upgrading existing Gossamer Mail installations until the final 2.2.0 Gossamer Mail release, which we anticipate will occur on Friday of this week. Additionally, 2.2.0-RC1 installations or upgrades will not be supported after the final 2.2.0 release.

The list of new features and functionality in 2.2.0 is quite extensive, and is summarized below.

2.2.0-RC1 - October 8, 2003

Admin side additions/improvements:

  • Payment support:
    • New membership levels (allowing different features per level)
    • Service providers supported: Authorize.net, WorldPay, PayPal and Moneris.
  • User login date and IP logging now enabled.
  • The number of emails sent out by a user and the number of addressees per email can now be limited.
  • X-Originating-IP header can now be added to all outgoing emails (this feature is enabled by default).
  • X-GMail-Account header added.
  • POP3 connections now support SSL if Net::SSLeay >= 1.06 is installed.
  • The admin can now change the order and text of the domains as they will appear on the login menu.
  • Attachment filters/blocks have been added to block or remove unwanted attachments (.scr, .pif, etc.).
  • date_admin_offset and date_admin_formats options have been added to allow changing the way dates are displayed in the admin.
  • Template diffs and Fileman diffs are now shown in colour.
  • File size limits have been improved to allow limits to be expressed in bytes, kilobytes or megabytes.
  • ConfigData.pm has been moved to Config/Data.pm. This change has been done to prevent the possible loss of the configuration file when attempting to save it to a full disk drive.
  • Colorized template diffs from previous 2.1.x versions of Gossamer Mail have been added.

Admin side bug fixes:

  • New user forms no longer forget username and domain info if you are returned to the add form after an error.
  • The shared POP3 mode with APOP accounts has been fixed.
  • The last login for users who have never logged in now reads as "Never".
  • Size formats and inputs have been changed to be more readable (e.g. 30.49 MB instead of 31971082.00).
  • image_url is now allowed to be a relative path.
  • email.cgi has been removed and replaced with a "Login as User" feature which uses the normal user side templates and layout.

User side additions/improvements:

  • Users can now save drafts.
  • Folders can now be nested.
  • Email profiles allow users to select a profile (with specific names, signatures and addresses) when sending emails.
  • Address book:
    • Address book groups have been added.
    • Multiple addresses may now be simultaneously selected.
    • A new global address book feature adds global entries to users' address books. Admin-specified users can edit the addresses in the list, but all users may view the addresses.
  • The username and domain last used by a user are remembered at login.
  • Filters now support "Starts with" and "Ends with".
  • Remote POP3 accounts now support SSL connections.
  • The length of "Subject", "To" and "From" fields displayed in message lists can be limited.
  • Forwarded emails can now be saved to users' accounts.
  • The HTML editor now allows users to enter a URL in the image location field.

User side bug fixes:

  • Common template files have been moved into the common directory (prefs.cfg, state.txt, language.txt, etc).
  • Numerous language cleanups and clarifications have been made.
  • A large amount of common code that was in both template sets has been moved into the common template directory.
  • General address book cleanup
  • Filters with multple *'s are now handled as literal *'s (e.g. ****SPAM**** only matches the string '****SPAM****', not abcdSPAMabcd). This provides a more natural behaviour, while fixing a bug with such filters in previous versions.
  • Signatures and footers of text emails now wrap properly.
  • Folder counts are now updated properly on download of new emails.
  • The problem with the HTML editor where replies to HTML emails from Hotmail users resulted in a blank reply has been fixed.
  • When replying to an email, the part from the email (HTML/text) which matches the user's compose preference is now used.
  • The problem with attachments of an auto-reply email not being deleted has been fixed.
  • Other issues with auto-reply have been fixed, including a new ability to allow users' auto-replies to be sent using different profiles.
  • Admin footer is now appended to auto-reply mails.

Any problems encountered with this release should be reported here, so that we can fix them for the final 2.2.0 release.

Jason Rhinelander
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