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Gossamer Mail 2.0 Beta Available!

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Gossamer Mail 2.0 Beta Available!

After some long nights of debugging this week, we are very happy to announce the first beta of Gossamer Mail 2.0. This is a massive overhaul of the original code, and contains a number of powerful new features and improvements. With beta 1, we have all the features implemented and working well. In fact, Scott, one of our lead developers, has been using it as a personal email client now for the last month.

What remains to be done is:

1. More rigorous testing and debugging.
2. Creation of the user guide.
3. Creation of the WAP and Frames templates (currently only non-frames templates are available).
4. Creation of an upgrade script for 1.x users.

New features you'll find in Gossamer Mail 2:

This is a complete rewrite, and there are a lot of powerful new features that will really set Gossamer Mail apart from any other web based email out there. All of the original features are still there, but new to 2.0 are:

* Complete support for HTML mail. Users can now compose messages from a WYSIWYG editor. They can even upload inline images! With inline images, the image shows up inside of the email, not as a URL, and not as an attachment, just like you would see in Outlook. Also, when sending HTML mail, Gossamer Mail will automatically create a text version for mail clients that don't support HTML.

* Gossamer Mail 2 now supports auto replies. If enabled by the admin, users can create a message (HTML mail available, even with attachments) which will get sent automatically in response to any message a user receives.

* Users can also now enter in an email address to have their email automatically forwarded. Every message a user gets at their Gossamer Mail account, can be automatically forwarded to a custom email address. This can be enabled/disabled by the admin.

* Gossamer Mail 2 can now bounce undeliverable mail. If you mail to a user that does not exist in Gossamer Mail, or the users mailbox is full, or the message is too large, then Gossamer Mail 2 will bounce the message back to the user.

* Users can now pull email from other accounts into Gossamer Mail 2 (check remote pops). Once logged in they can setup remote pop accounts, and when they click on Check Email, the email will be fetched from the remote pop, and stored in Gossamer Mail. The user can set whether the mail is deleted off the server, or left on the server.

* Multi-Domain support. You can now have unlimited number of domains, and the domains can be on separate servers! You simply enter in the catch all information, and what domains are on that catch all.

* Much better signup/join support. You can now send validation emails upon signup to make sure the new user already has a valid email address. You also have lost password lookup functionality, or question/answer password verification. Also included is the ability to easily block reserved names.

* Global spam filters. From the admin, simply enter in *@gossamer-threads.com, and then no email from anyone at gossamer-threads.com would be allowed into the system. Users also have the ability to setup their own spam filters easily using the same syntax.

* You can create Welcome messages using HTML mail or regular mail that users receive upon signing up.

* You can send system announcements that get sent to all users, or selected users.

* Complete plug-in system just like Links SQL.

* User and Mail Statistics. See how much incoming and outgoing mail you have, total number of users, "Who's Online" to see who's using Gossamer Mail and what they are doing, etc.

* Lots of new user options like: setting linewrap, custom templates for reply and forwarding messages, easily "themeable" so users can choose custom looks.

and much, much more!

Online Demo

We've setup a full online demo using two domains that you can try out. If you go to:


You will be able to sign up for your own @freemail.gossamer-threads.com, or @mywebmail.gossamer-threads.com account (wish we had a shorter domain now). ;) Please login, give it a try and start a thread in the Gossamer Mail Discussion forum letting me know what you think!

We are working on getting an Admin demo up, but it's going to take a bit as we need to finish the demo code. The admin demo won't have access to the user demo, it will be a separate install.

The beta is now up in the download area, and again this is a free upgrade to all Gossamer Mail 1.x users. When the final version is shipped, we will be raising the price of Gossamer Mail, so for those of you who don't have it, now's a great time to pick it up!



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