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Gossamer Mail 2.0.2 Released!

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Gossamer Mail 2.0.2 Released!

We've released Gossamer Mail 2.0.2 which is a maintenance release only and contains a number of bug fixes. It is a recommended update if you installed 2.0.1 as there was a bug that would prevent the creation of several mysql indexes needed for decent performance.

Changes include:

- Fixed bug in purge messages
- mime icons now case insensitive
- incoming.pl could double emails to users under some circumstances, now fixed.
- deleting a folder without selecting one could generate an error
- two blank lines are now forced between message body and signature
- spellchecker would cause javascript errors on quoted words
- fixed problems switching between text and html modes
- fixed javascript in addressbook find in simple templates
- globals were not being loaded on all email templates
- usernames can no longer contain slashes
- bounce globals were escaped
- indexes were not getting properly set in table creation
- added format column to msgs table to handle Eudora's attachments
- added charset column to msgs table for future use
- added consistency.pl script to check for database problems

If you have any questions or comments, don't hesitate to ask!



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