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Gossamer List 1.1.0 released

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Gossamer List 1.1.0 released
We're pleased to announce the release of Gossamer List 1.1.0.

This features and fixes for this release are listed below.

New features:
  • Universal stop list. The per-user stop list in the previous version has been replaced by a single, global stop list.
  • HTML e-mails can now be composed using raw HTML in a text box; the old behaviour always displayed the Advanced Editor for HTML e-mails.
  • The number of bounces/e-mail address is now tracked; this allows you to search for bounced e-mail addresses by the number of bounces (e.g. 3 or more bounces) when removing bounced e-mail addresses.
  • E-mail open-rate tracking. Gossamer List now adds invisible images/iframes/tables that refer back to GList to attempt to track the open rates of e-mails.
  • URL click tracking. URL's within e-mails now forward through Gossamer List so that URL clicks can be tracked.
  • Stop list wildcard support. The stop list can now contain wildcard matches, such as: *@hotmail.com to stop any mail going to hotmail.com.
  • Global and per-user headers/footers.
  • User can now subscribe to multiple lists simultaneously by passing multiple 'lid' values, such as: http://yoursite/path/to/glist.cgi?do=user_subscribe;email=joe@example.com;lid=1;lid=2;lid=3
  • mod_perl 2 now supported. Although this isn't final support, barring any major changes between the current (1.99.13) and final (2.0) releases, the code should handle the final mod_perl 2 release.
  • A shell script has been added to send mail, sendmailing.pl. It is located at private/tools/sendmailing.pl. The general usage is: ./sendmailing.pl --id 8

Bug fixes:
  • Some small Javascript errors were fixed.
  • Additionally, several other small bugs were fixed.

Gossamer List 1.1.0 is available now from the download area.

Jason Rhinelander
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