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Gossamer Links English and German 3.0.3 Released

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Gossamer Links English and German 3.0.3 Released

We're pleased to announce the release of Gossamer Links English and German 3.0.3. This is primarily a maintenance release.

  • Fileman was incorrectly packaged in 3.0.2, this release should correct it.
  • Fix payment Perl warning during build
  • Use the correct date in the rejection e-mail when validating links
  • Don't use media="screen" when loading the style sheet so printing will look some what formatted
  • Added the links_cols_update_category option to control which column updates of the Links table will cause an update to the Timestmp column of the Category table (so it will get rebuilt on Build Changed).
  • Fix possible race condition with insertions into the clicktrack table

Bug Fixes (from Gossamer Update):
  • Fix a minor memory leak that affects viewing and building category pages.
  • Correct a bug where Category link counts are decremented twice when moving a link from the Category browser interface.

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