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Gossamer Links 3.2.0 Released

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Gossamer Links 3.2.0 Released

We're pleased to announce the release of Gossamer Links 3.2.0. Note that if you are using Gossamer Community, you should also upgrade it to 1.1.1.

Items with a star in front of them are changes that have been available from Gossamer Update.

New Features:
  • Added an AJAX category tree browser (treecats).
    • There is now a new option with db_gen_category_list to enable this.
    • If you enable this option, make sure your include_form.html template is up to date.
    • treecats also supports selecting multiple categories as well as links (take a look at the options at the top of the treecats.js file).
  • Added the option (review_max_reviews) to allow users to post more than one review per link.
  • Added a review modify timeout (review_modify_timeout) to limit the amount of time in which a user can modify a review.
  • Review ratings functionality can now be disabled by setting the Review_Rating column's Not Null setting to No and removing the field from the templates.
  • Reviews now have their own option (rather than using the link add/mod option) for whether or not the admin should be e-mailed when a review is added or modified.
  • Added support for creating non-expiring sessions (like Gossamer Forum's "Remember Me" option).
  • Links can now be bookmarked in multiple folders instead of one bookmark per link per user.
  • Link reviews are now shown in link bookmarks.
  • Dynamic detailed page URLs can now accept different formats as long as the URL ends in the format of <%ID%>.<%build_extension%>.
  • Added include_contentwrapper_top/bottom.html and include_content_top/bottom.html template includes to make adding content to all pages easier to do.
  • When user_required is turned off, every link now has an "Edit this Link" button, allowing everyone (including logged in users) to modify any link.
  • Changed the link template to not show the "Edit this Link" button with expired or unpaid links.
  • Added option to Links::Utils::format_title to not display the last item.
  • ExpiryDate is now checked while moving links from one category to another (eg. if a link is moved from a category that does not require payment to one that does, then the ExpiryDate will be set to Awaiting Payment).
  • Support for Payments with links in multiple categories has been improved. If a link is inserted into a category that requires payment and one that doesn't, then the link will require payment. However, there are still some limitations to the Payment system:
    • Links in multiple categories will only be charged for the price of one link.
    • If a link is added to two categories requiring payment, with one category having custom payment terms while the other uses the global payment terms, then the global payment terms will be used.
  • * If user_required is turned off, anyone may make payments for a link.
  • Updated 2Checkout to use the v2 API and added support for demo mode.
  • Added a link that displays the original column data for changes awaiting validation.
  • Admin browser templates have been merged with the browser template set.
  • The category browser now has the ability to list links awaiting change validation.
  • Added a header_charset option to set what character set the should be sent to the browser in the admin and browser pages. It is also used in the include_common_head.html template.
  • Added the build_more option for changing the 'more' text in filenames with paging.
  • Added a build_index_include option to set whether or not the build_index is appended to generated URLs.
  • Added a dynamic_no_url_transform option, which allows you to specify a list of URLs that should not be transformed to use page.cgi in dynamic mode.
  • Added the ability to delete all orphaned links at once with Repair Tables.
  • * Repair Tables now checks for orphaned CatLinks entries.
  • The SQL Monitor now shows the number of columns returned.
  • Added VARCHAR, *INT, DOUBLE and FLOAT types to the database editor.
  • The CSS editor now makes a backup of the CSS file before saving it.
  • Related categories with a RelationName were not being sorted properly in category listings.
  • Sorting is now preserved with paging on category and detailed pages.
  • Added a transform_url plugin hook.
  • Added search_set_cat_callback and search_set_link_callback plugin hooks (see http://gossamer-threads.com/...i?post=292392#292392).
  • New features for GT::Template
    • Access the last element of an array (<%arrayloop.last%>, <%arrayloop.last3%>; equivalent to Perl's $array[-1] and $array[-3])
    • Added wrappers to core perl functions (substr, sprintf, index, rindex, rand, reverse)
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed the login template to not show a login success as an error.
  • * Fixed various issues with bookmarks paging.
  • Add/Mod_Date was broken with the deprecated link_results tag.
  • Changed rightsidebar float from left to right to fix flickering of google ads in the rightsidebar.
  • * Review_Count wasn't being set correctly in certain situations.
  • Fixed bug where search highlighting would break with certain queries.
  • Changed PayPal postback check to fix errors with recurring postbacks.
  • * Fixed bug in which editors were unable to view new file column files.
  • Removed the date_db_format option since it should not change (it is still available in the Config/Data.pm). Code should use GT::Date::FORMAT_DATE instead.
  • * Fixed bug in which isPaidLink/isFreeLink tags were incorrect after a paid link is displayed.
  • * Fixed bug in which Free links in categories that required payment were hidden.
  • * Fixed category counts after moving or deleting links in the category.
  • * File column size check wasn't being performed on the user side when user_direct_mod was off.
  • * Fixed bug with IIS 6 redirects.

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