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Gossamer Forum 1.2.1 in testing

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Gossamer Forum 1.2.1 in testing
I've upgraded the forum here to 1.2.1. If no problems are reported over the next couple days, this will be officially released early next week.

The main new features in 1.2.1 are:
  • The advanced editor now supports Mozilla-based browsers, and has had some IE-problematic sections rewritten. Both testing with Mozilla (a 1.4 or higher Mozilla-based browser is required - the latest Netscape and Mozilla Firebird releases both qualify). Testing on both Mozilla and IE is greatly appreciated.
  • This revised advanced editor no longer double-spaces text on IE - pressing Shift-Enter for single-spacing is no longer required.
  • Inline images are now supported. This feature allows you to upload attachments to your post and mark them as "inline". Then, if using the advanced editor, you can click the Image button and select an inline attachment to include as an image in your post. Using the basic editor, you can use a tag such as: [inline image_filename.jpg] to display the attachment.
  • A "Delete All Messages" feature has been added to private messages.
  • To go along with the "Delete All Messages" feature, you may now mark messages as "kept". "Kept" messages will _not_ be deleted when you click "Delete All Messages."
  • An option has been added allowing you to view posts and messages _without_ including users' signatures. The option can be enabled/disabled on the Edit Profile -> User Profile page.
  • When deleting posts, you can now delete a post without deleting all of its replies. The old behaviour only allowed you to delete a post and all replies, or to mark the post as deleted. Neither the ability to remove all replies as well, nor the ability to mark a post deleted has been removed. Additionally, the button to mark a post of deleted now says "Mark Post Deleted" instead of the old and confusing "Delete Post".
  • A rewrite of the thread-sort handling should result in significantly improved performance on very large (i.e. several hundred or thousand replies) posts.
  • The banned and duplicate e-mail checks (if enabled) are now performed when users change their e-mail address on the profile page.

Jason Rhinelander
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