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Gossamer Forum 1.1.1 Released!

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Gossamer Forum 1.1.1 Released!

We're happy to announce the release of Gossamer Forum 1.1.1. This update fixes several bugs and adds several new features to Gossamer Forum 1.1.0, such as:

1.1.0 -> 1.1.1 CHANGES
  • New Advanced Editor - the old rather slow editor has been replaced with one that loads much faster. The new one provides much the same look and feel of the old advanced editor, however it is much improved. The one drawback to the new editor is that it requires Internet Explorer 5.5 (but works best on IE 6). The old editor only required IE 5.
  • Office Prompt - When using the old editor, occassionally on some systems a message would pop up prompting you to insert your Office CD. Although this had nothing to do with Gossamer Forum (Microsoft admitted the bug was their fault) it was annoying for those few who saw it. Because the old editor has been replaced, that pop up will no longer appear.
  • Advanced editor for private messages - The advanced editor is now available for writing private messages.
  • Jump to first unread - you can now jump to the first unread post in a thread when using the flat view method of viewing threads. The option can be enabled/disabled in the user profile to go back to the old way of just going to the root post.
  • Notice if login fails - if you attempt to log in with cookies but have cookies disabled, you will now return to the login page with the appropriate error message. Previously, you would go to the main page as a guest (not logged in).
  • Action editing bug - attempting to edit the "user_signup" action in the admin resulted in an error. This has now been repaired.
  • Spacing around [quote], [code], etc. - spacing around tags such as [quote]...[/quote], [code]...[/code], etc. would sometimes result in unwanted blank lines appearing in the post. An option has been added to remove extra spaces around certain tags. [quote], [reply], [code], and [pre] tags have this option turned on by default on new installations and upgrades.
  • Spelling mistake - A spelling mistake when a fatal error occurs has been fixed.
  • Advanced -> Basic switch problem - sometimes when switching from the advanced editor to the basic editor, HTML would appear in the message instead of the intended markup. This occured when switching before the advanced editor had fully loaded. This has been fixed.
  • Basic -> Advanced switch problem - When switching between the basic and advanced editor, links would not be correctly maintained and would result in incorrect links in the post. This has been corrected.
  • Private message reply spacing - the spacing used to show the private message being replied to has been cleaned up.
  • Switch to Advanced Editor - the button is no longer displayed on browsers that do not support the advanced editor.
  • Windows NT problems - Gossamer Forum on Windows NT/2000 would produce errors due to a problem loading the configuration file. This has been fixed.
  • MS SQL problems - Gossamer Forum would not allow moderators to be added on installations using MS SQL. This has been fixed.
  • Custom columns - when writing posts/messages the input is now checked for any custom columns that have been added to the Post, Message, and SentMessage tables.
  • Edit/Delete links - Edit/Delete links would occasionally show up when they should not. Attempting to click on the links would result in a "Permission denied" page. The links now only show up when they should.
  • Attachments - downloading attachments would sometimes ask you what to do with the file twice. This should no longer happen.
  • Language variables - A bug that in some circumstances could cause the language variables to be erased has been repaired.
  • Post deletion - Gossamer Forum 1.1.0 shipped with a bug that made it impossible to delete posts. This has now been repaired.
  • Upgrade problems - Installations that upgraded from a previous version of Gossamer Forum to 1.1.0 had the Move and Detach & Move features broken. Upgrading to 1.1.1 will correct the problem. New installations of 1.1.0 were not affected.
  • Subscription email bug - The subscription e-mail did not have the <%cat_full_name%> tag available even though it was used. The <%cat_full_name%> tag now works correctly.
  • Jump list change - the jump list used throughout the forum now contains categories in addition to forums. Forums no longer have the category name in front of them, making the jump select list look more like the forum select list found on the search page.
  • New legend_* tags - two new legend_ tags have been made available on the forum_view.html template. These are <%legend_new_replies%> and <%legend_new_new_replies%> and indicate whether a post with new replies in on the page, and whether a new post with new replies in on the page, repectively. These tags aren't used by default, but are available for those wishing to extend the legend.

Several other minor issues have been addressed in the upgrade.

You can download the new version from:


If you have any questions, or notice any problems, don't hesitate to ask!

Jason Rhinelander
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Re: [jagerman] Gossamer Forum 1.1.1 Released! In reply to
If you downloaded Gossamer Forum 1.1.1 between the announcement and now, please download again. The previous package was packaged incorrectly and had broken import.pl, subscribe.pl, and tools/* scripts and would not load properly on NT/2000 systems using IIS. A new Gossamer Forum 1.1.1 package has been created and uploaded to the site, so please download again. If you have already performed the upgrade or installation, don't worry - it's safe to run the upgrade/install script again.

Jason Rhinelander
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jagerman: Jan 12, 2002, 2:45 PM
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Re: [jagerman] Gossamer Forum 1.1.1 Released! In reply to
Some people have encountered problems running import scripts via import.pl. This is a problem with the import script not having been updated properly. Click here for a fix.

If you prefer, you can instead download Gossamer Forum again from our site; it has a fixed version of the import.pl script. You do not need to download Gossamer Forum again if you are not using the import script - there are no other changes.

Jason Rhinelander
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