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Gossamer Forum 0.9.6 Available!

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Gossamer Forum 0.9.6 Available!

The last beta for Gossamer Forum, 0.9.6 is available now when you download it from our site.

This is a major update, and includes changes such as:

- Major speed optimizations ranging from 500% to 900% on most pages
- Flooding protection. A user can no longer continually hit the Refresh button on the browser to submit the same post multiple times.
- Added threads/new threads indicator to main page, beside the number of
posts/new posts.
- Added "local" templates. Now, when editing templates, the changes are only saved in the "local" directory. This makes it possible to request a difference of the modified file and the original, and provides the ability to restore the original system templates. Additionally, when upgrading (from version 0.9.5 and up) the upgrade will only overwrite the main files, the "local" files will be untouched.
- Created sample plugins: GForum::SearchLogger, GForum::MessagePostReply, and GForum::SearchHighlighter.
- Added a printer-friendly post display.
- Broke up the post display so that one long does post not stretch out all the other posts on the page.
- Moved the moderator and admin options to the bottom of the left-hand panel on all post displays.
- Added a user option to return directly to the forum view or post view after
posting/editing a post.

and much more! As mentioned, we also have three plugins available from within your admin area (just go to Plugins->Download->Show Plugins on Gossamer) and you can download and try them out!

Barring any more major bugs, we plan to release Gossamer Forum early this coming week!

Please download it and try it out, and let us know what you think.


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