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Gossamer Community Update

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Gossamer Community Update

Due to popular demand, I'm posting an update on Gossamer Community. This will put to rest (hopefully) what Gossamer Community is and how it will help.

Gossamer Community is our solution to providing a centralized login system for different applications. It will provide a single signup and login for users to go to, and won't require them to re-login to each application. It does not contain extra features like chat, or newsletter, but rather you should think of this much like a Microsoft Passport type of application (except that you control, not Microsoft).

Gossamer Community contains signup, login, lost password, and user profile features. Administrators will be able to import/export users easily. Users will be able to login once, and then move from posting a message in the forum, to checking their email, and then off to adding a link in your directory all without having to login multiple times.

All our products will have a plugin that will authenticate off of Gossamer Community. We also plan to make plugins for other popular applications. For the programmers, there will also be an HTTP, Perl, and PHP libraries that programmers can use to easily authenticate off a Gossamer Community database.

The price is going to be nominal, as this is just the "glue" that will integrate all our products together. No final decisions have been made on that though.

Now the big question that I get asked a lot, when? Well, it was meant to be done a lot sooner, but (un)fortunately Links SQL 2.1.0 really took off, and we have had to put Gossamer Community on the back burner for the last month while we handled all the new customers using Links SQL 2.1. Things are back on track now, and we hope to have something people can beta really soon.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to post a message in the Discussion forum, or send me an email at alex@gossamer-threads.com.


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