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Gossamer AutoRespond Released!

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Gossamer AutoRespond Released!

We're happy to introduce our first brand new product in quite some time: Gossamer AutoRespond!

Quite simply, this program provides you "advanced autoresponders" (an autoresponder is an email address that sends an automatic reply whenever someone send an email to it). The program will store any incoming lead into a database, and send automatic and personalized followups to that user on a customizable delivery schedule.

This is designed for businesses who find themselves losing touch with their customers, and not properly following up with each lead. They can now automate the process easily (while still keeping the emails personalized). The program also comes with a user signup feature allowing you to integrate this into member sites and offer free/paid autoresponders as a service.

The program features automatic bounce detection, and easy import/export of data. You can also skip the autoresponder portion, and just add your leads in from a form, or from your admin panel.

You can read all about it at:


We'll be setting up a custom forum for it shortly, but for now post any questions you have in the Discussion forum.


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