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GossamerHost Anti Virus Scanner Available!

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GossamerHost Anti Virus Scanner Available!

I'm happy to announce that we are now bundling a server side anti virus scanner as one of the services provided on your GossamerHost server!

We have gone with an open source anti virus engine that is maintained and updated regularly (on our test server, it caught the SoBig.F virus a day before many commercial virus scanners).

The anti virus scanner will scan all incoming and outgoing mail on the server, and reject completely any message that has a virus in it.

To activate the virus scanner, go to your GossamerHost Server Admin panel and click on Services. Click on "Enable" for Anti Virus to activate the scanner.
Then click on Start to start the virus scanner engine. Once activated, you should see a new:

X-AntiVirus: Clean

email header added to emails showing that the message has been passed through the virus scanner.

If you have any questions about this new anti virus scanner, please don't
hesitate to ask (can email me or post in the discussion forum).


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