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FileMan 2 Available for Raqs!

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FileMan 2 Available for Raqs!

We're happy to announce that we have a beta of FileMan 2 designed for Cobalt RAQ's.

If you go to:


You can download a .pkg file of FileMan. From your RAQ admin panel, you can go to Maintenance->Install Software and upload the file.

This pkg will install a single copy of FileMan 2, and allow any domain on your site to access it at:


They will be prompted for their normal user name and password, and FileMan will let them manage their files (as the proper user, and set to the proper directory).

This is a FREE pkg, the only restriction is you must keep the FileMan logo, and link to Gossamer Threads intact on all FileMan generated pages.

I'd love to hear some feedback about this, any changes you'd like to see, how it works out for you.


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