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FileMan 2 - Beta 1 Released!

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FileMan 2 - Beta 1 Released!

I'm pleased to announce our first beta release of FileMan 2. This version contains a lot more functionality then the regular FileMan, and with it you can do things like:

- Search for files by file name, or file contents.
- Do mass search and replaces with optional .bak files.
- Run system commands (great for users without shell/telnet access).
- Upload in binary/ascii mode, plus multiple uploads (up to 10 files at a time).
- Built in WYSIWYG HTML Editor for creating new html files, or editing existing ones.
- Copy files and directories recursively.
- Move files and directories recursively.
- Delete files and directories recursively.
- Tail large files (i.e. view the last 25 lines of a large log file)
- Check syntax of perl files
- View the 'diff' of two files, i.e. see what has changed between two files.
- Full tar support. Easily create backups of a directory, as well as unarchive tar files. If you have Compress::Zlib module installed, you can also work with gzipped files.
- Plus much more!

FileMan 2 has really changed more into a site management tool, and I'd recommend anyone with a website try it out as you'll find it is great for trouble shooting cgi scripts, backing up files, doing global search and replaces, and much more!

I'd love to get some feedback on where you would like to see this go (how a multi-user version should work especially). Please post any questions/discussions in the FileMan forum.

FileMan 2 remains a free program to use as long as it is a single user application. If you want to include something like this in a control panel, or as a free webspace manager, please contact us.

To download, please visit:


FileMan 2 is included as part of the admin in Links SQL and Gossamer Mail.



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