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FileMan 2.1.0 released

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FileMan 2.1.0 released
We're pleased to announce the release of FileMan 2.1.0. This release brings several new features and bug fixes, outlined below.

New features/fixes:
  • Upgraded advanced editor. FileMan's advanced editor has been upgraded to the latest version used by Gossamer Forum, Gossamer Mail, and Gossamer List, which gives it numerous fixes and Mozilla-based-browser support.
  • Zip file support. FileMan now has optional support for reading and creating .zip files. This support requires that the Archive::Zip module be installed - if not found, the .zip support will be disabled.
  • Downloading multiple files (as .zip, .tar, or .tar.gz) is now supported.
  • New "Print" command, for printing out documents/images/etc.
  • The chmod option now has a "recursive" option, which makes the permission changes descend into subdirectories.
  • Mod perl (including mod_perl 2) are now properly supported.
  • Admin help pages have been added to the multi-user version
  • Some Mozilla javascript issues have been fixed
  • Various other small changes
  • The look of the interface has been improved.
The single-user version is available for download from the fileman product download page, and the multi-user version is available from the download area.

Also note that the above changes, where applicable, are also present in the single-user FileMan version included with the other product updates released today.

Jason Rhinelander
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