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Beta 2 Now Available!

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Beta 2 Now Available!

I've put beta 2 of Links SQL up on the net. It fixes a lot of bugs, too numerous to mention here (see the ChangeLog file for details). Still to be done are:

- Investigate further blank emails that some people get (if someone can provide shell access to a system that this is happening, that would help a lot).
- Investigate further bugs with search engine not searching custom fields.
- show links user owns and let them pick which one to modify.
- bug with auto creation of users, also need to refine
- add linkowner to link display in category browser
- make @ sign in related categories an option.
- duplicate url check on submission
- confirmation screen on add/modify
- plugin api docs finished
- plugin api tested and debugged.

My schedule is a final beta by next friday, with a stable one shortly after that.



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