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Is there a way to close a window using javascript but without the prompt?
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Re: [Paul] window.close() In reply to


For once I can tell you to search Google ;)


Andy (mod)
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Re: [A.J.] window.close() In reply to
I did actually search first but I prefer Yahoo and didn't find what I needed.

Thanks for the link. The reply sucks though.
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Re: [Paul] window.close() In reply to
Umm.... Maybe...


print "Location: javascript:window.close();\n\n";

Would this not do the job. Its what i use and i never get a prompt.
Hope it helps.

Doh! -. but thats on a pop up window only..

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ZimZangZoom: Apr 1, 2002, 11:13 PM
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Re: [Paul] window.close() In reply to
Paul, this should do the job for you.

<a href="close" onClick="window.close(); return false;">Close Window</a>

But! To close a window without confirmation it must be opened from another window if the window the you trying to close is a new browser window ... the browser will always ask you for confirmation.


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